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A brief overview of the building

The design strategy is based on the following criteria:

Quality and durability

  • Through the choice and application of the materials


  • Reinforced concrete slabs, thick separating walls with insulation


  • Peripheral system with no thermal bridges, high-performance double glazing


  • Through the layout of the apartments (non-loadbearing walls which can be rearranged to suit the buyer’s wishes),
  • Through the bathroom and kitchen fittings (subject to plumbing regulations)


  • Through building access arrangements, automatic lighting operated by a timer for outdoor areas and by movement detectors at apartment entrances
  • Through the layout of the apartments (distribution of the rooms, separate parts for day and night)
  • Through the options available (room-by-room underfloor heating control)

Outdoor amenities

  • Creation of a play and relaxation area (with fountain and benches)
  • Gravel paving in pedestrian areas
  • Entrance gate with speakerphone and video screen in each apartment, remotely controlled electric latch + remote control

Heating system

  • Wood heating system
  • Condensing wood pellet boiler with mixing valve distributes heat for the underfloor heating pipes
  • Domestic hot water produced is recorded on the boiler
  • Computer-controlled system with outdoor and flow sensors which respond to  atmospheric conditions
  • Automatic controls

Bathroom furniture

  • Supply and installation of white bathroom furniture, layout as in architect’s plans, depending on basic choice, planned budget of 15,000 CHF inclusive of tax (for 3 and 4-roomed apartments) and 20,000 CHF inclusive of tax (for 5-roomed apartments), showroom price.
  • The walk-in showers will be fitted in glass-sided enclosures.

Laundry appliances

  • Each apartment is equipped with a washing machine and dryer, as chosen by the developer

Kitchen fittings

  • As per architect’s layout, chosen by the buyer, with a budget capped at showroom price (including flooring between appliances) of 24,000 CHF inclusive of tax (for 3-roomed apartments), 30,000 CHF inclusive of tax (for 4-roomed apartments) and 37,000 CHF inclusive of tax (for 5-roomed apartments), included in the sale price.


  • Stone materials
  • The common area in the basement: resin colours chosen by the developer.


  • All floor and wall coverings will be laid straight using tiles measuring from 20×20 cm to 30×60 cm. Grey or white grout, powder-coated and/or natural adonised aluminium angle trim.
  • Toilet, bath/shower: tiled floor and wall tiles supply price 55 CHF per m2 inclusive of tax, showroom price.
  • Kitchens: floor tiling up to edge of kitchen furniture, width 120 cm, supply price 55 CHF per m2 inclusive of tax (showroom price).

Parquet flooring

  • Apartment hallways, living rooms, corridors and bedrooms: rustic oak factory-finished parquet flooring, 590 mm x 68 mm x 10 mm strips, laid on cement screeds. 120 CHF per m2 supplied with plinths (showroom price).
  • All apartments will be fitted with a flue ready for the installation of a fireplace or wood-burner, as selected by the buyer. Wood-burner and decorative fireplace not included.
  • The loft apartments have a budget of CHF 6,000 inclusive of tax for the installation and provision of an oven or a wood-burning stove.
  • A fresh air duct will be installed by the ventilation engineer
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