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Parc de Baumaroche – Chardonne

The dream will soon come true… for only 16 co-owners.

But that’s the price to be paid for preserving the beauty of the surroundings and ensuring complete privacy…

Apartment B1

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Apartment B4

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Apartment C6

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On Mont Pèlerin, the village of Chardonne, a hilltop village amid the Lavaux vineyards and with a stunning location above Lake Geneva. The Résidences du Parc de Baumaroche are just a 5 minute walk from the charming funicular which links Vevey and Mont Pèlerin. 8,500 square metres of land with wooded area and landscaped parklands – an extremely rare site such as this only becomes available once in a lifetime.

The entire design concept was developed with respect for the unique nature of the site and an emphasis on supreme quality and a strong sense of purpose. The sensitive approach taken in integrating the buildings in their environment will be complemented by advanced technical standards.

A treat for all five senses – the majestic panoramic view, the undisturbed tranquillity, the scents of the forest, the feel of top quality materials and the good taste of contemporary architecture with beautiful finishing touches.

  • Jean Wicki Management

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    Route de Champ Colin 11
    Case postale 2373
    1260 Nyon

  • Le Parc de Baumaroche

    Route de Baumaroche 16A
    1801 Le Mont Pèlerin